This area contains a list of videos I've created on YouTube to help educate and inspire more cyber thinking!
USBNinja (Old name: USBHarpoon) - A BadUSB Cable Implementation
USBNinja - BT Edition Revealed
DomLink - Horizontal domain enumeration:
The Stageless LNK:
Alibaba CDN Domain Fronting:
CVE-2018-4878 Aggressor Script:
CVE-2018-4878 - SWF IE Driveby:
CVE-2017-8747 - SWF Exploit:
Fronting Through Asia - Alibaba CDN:
CVE-2017-8759 - Weaponisation Tutorial:
CVE-2017-8759 - RTF WSDL SOAP Parser Vulnerability 1-day:
Token Pivoting? High Integrity Level - SYSTEM -> TrustedInstaller:
ANGRYPUPPY - BloodHound Attack Automation in CobaltStrike:
BLUEBATTERY - Internet Explorer Enumeration and Manipulation:
LinkedInt - An automated LinkedIn scraper with e-mail format prediction:
CACTUSTORCH - CobaltStrike Aggressor Script:
CACTUSTORCH - DotNetToJScript all the things:
StarFighters - Run PowerShell without PowerShell within JS and VBS:
RDPInception - The Dangers of TSCLIENT:
TOR Fronting - Utilising Hidden Services for Privacy:
TOR Fronting - Utilising Hidden Services for Privacy:
Domain Fronting - Sophos Web Security Categorization:
Abusing Domain Fronting on Amazon CloudFront:
Paladins - EAC Bypass:
DPRK Malleable Profile (Just for lols):
Cobalt Strike CNA - Eventvwr UAC Bypass:
Office Template VDI Persistence:
Trusted Location Application Whitelist Bypass and Persistence for VDI:
WePWNise Introduction: